Shipping Made Easy.

Your reliable transportation partner is Smart Chain Logistics.

Your reliable transportation partner is Smart Chain Logistics.

Reliable Deliveries.

Your products are delivered on time, every time - even to highly secure facilities.

Transparent Communication.

A dedicated point of contact to answer all your questions.

Accurate Tracking.

Real-time reports on the progress of your shipment.

Carrier Partnership.

Respectful treatment and prompt payment for carriers hauling our loads.

Products delivered on time, every time.

Smart Chain Logistics is a full-service third-party logistics (3PL) provider with extensive experience delivering complex orders to high-security facilities.

Logistics can be complex. Our team uses detailed load planning, efficient processes, and streamlined communication, resulting in seamless transactions.

"We have been working with Smart Chain Logistics for the past year, usually doing a few loads a week... Their communication and attention to detail is above reproach, helping us to only have to focus on one aspect of the supply chain: the transportation. 10/10 would work with every day of the week."

- Carrier for Smart Chain Logistics, 2019